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Welcome to the English SD GUNDAM G GENERATION WORLD Wiki

The intent of this site is to provide a resource of information on translations, characters, Units, and so on and so forth for SD GUNDAM G GENERATION WORLD. This is a work in progress, everyone (registered or not) is encouraged to share their own knowledge with this Wiki and contribute to it, so that everyone may enjoy and understand the game as much as they would like. Got something to share? Don't know where exactly to put it? Leave a comment on the Discussion forum and I'll take a look! Be sure to sign your comments with 4 of these (~) symbols.

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  • Wiki back up and fully operational. If anyone's still around, say so. Setsuna 12:23, 6 May 2011 (UTC)
  • This layout is based off of Fizzmaister's layout for the main page of the SD GUNDAM G GENERATION WARS WIKI. He allowed for us to use it, as I have no experience in making layouts for Wiki. lol Thanks Fizz.